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2021 Action Plan

Udny Climate Action – 2021 Action Plan


  1. The purpose of the action plan is to develop and to support initiatives to combat climate change and to reduce its harmful effects on the environment.
  2. The plan will cover a five year period 2021 t0 2026. It will be subject to annual review and updating.
  3. The plan has been informed and shaped by a consultation with the residents of Udny which took place in the autumn of 2020 and by the Scottish Government’s update of its Climate Action Plan (Securing a Green Recovery on a Path to Net Zero: Climate Change Plan 2018–2032 – update).
  4. Position statements and specific plans will be developed for key issues.
  5. The target dates and outcomes are provisional and will be updated as specific plans for individual actions are developed.

Priority Actions

Tree cover Udny Climate Action will:

  • plant the 400 trees donated by the Woodland Trust under its ‘free trees for schools and communities’ scheme adjacent to paths in the Parish.

Timescale: March 2021

Outcome: carbon sequestration over the long term.

  • work with the Community Council and others to develop and implement a plan to increase tree cover in the Parish in line with best practice regarding sequestration. This will include forestry for biomass and other issues regarding land use, including the possibility of increasing wetland. Composting and anaerobic digestion will also be supported.

Timescale: Development of plan by December 2021. Implementation from 2022.

Outcome: carbon sequestration over the long term.

Zero waste Udny Climate Action will:

  • will, over time, implement all the actions in the Zero Waste Position Statement (refuse; reduce; reuse, recycle; rot).
  • implement phase one of the zero waste position statement.

Timescale: December 2021

Outcome: phase one actions implemented (swop shop; drop off point for hard to recycle items; engagement with schools and community groups on zero waste; local guide for achieving zero waste)

  • plan the implementation of the second and third phases of the Zero Waste Position Statement.

Timescale: January 2022

Outcome: develop a plan to implement the second and third phases.

Product miles Udny Climate Action will:

  • promote purchasing of locally produced goods (particularly food) for the purpose of reducing ‘product miles’.
  • produce and promote an updateable directory.

Timescale: October 2021

Outcome: improved knowledge throughout the Parish of outlets where locally produced goods (particularly food) are available.

Zero Carbon Udny: Udny Climate Action will:

  • work with the Community Council and other organisations and local groups to explore the feasibility of working towards ‘Zero Carbon Udny’ by a particular date and develop a plan for how to achieve this. The plan will focus particularly on domestic heating, transport and increasing the use of domestically produced green energy.

Timescale: November 2021

Outcome: production of a blue print for how to achieve Zero Carbon Udny.

Additional Actions

Community Engagement Udny Climate Action will:

  • increase its engagement with the community in order to ascertain the views of the people in the Parish and to provide up to date information regarding the climate crisis and ways by which it can be addressed.
  • develop further methods of communication (electronic, in-person and hard copy) in order to facilitate engagement with the community.

Timescale: ongoing from January 2021

Outcome: improved communication with people in the parish.

Transport Udny Climate Action will:

  • develop a plan to support reducing the need to travel and, where this is essential, lessening its impact. This will include a reduction in car use by addressing public transport issues, increasing opportunities for walking and cycling and encouraging car sharing.

Timescale: December 2021

Outcome: plan finalised and ready to implement

Future family (low carbon family living): Udny Climate Action will:

  • in junction with work on Zero Carbon Udny, consider the possibility of a ‘one tonne challenge’ pilot with a small number of households aimed at supporting them to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • if the pilot proves successful, consider rolling this out further.

Timescale: October 2021

Outcome: if the model proves to be feasible, initiate the pilot.

Local energy generation projects Udny Climate Action will:

  • engage with interested parties regarding the feasibility of increasing green energy generation within the parish both at domestic level, as part of Zero Carbon Udny, and at larger scale.

Timescale: ongoing

Outcome: reduction in carbon use and increased opportunities for offsetting.

Political activities Udny Climate Action will:

  • campaign for, or support, support policy changes at Council, Holyrood and Westminster levels to reduce greenhouse gases.

Timescale: ongoing

Outcome: influencing policy.