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Fit is Retrofit?

Fit is Retrofit?


Volunteer for a free, whole-house retrofit assessment arranged by Udny Climate Action and help us spread the word about your experience.

Well insulated and ventilated houses with renewable energy heating systems are the future. They are warmer, healthier, cheaper to run and emit low levels of greenhouse gases. Many houses in Scotland don’t yet meet these standards.

What we are looking for: volunteers willing to have their homes assessed in depth for retrofit and the installation of renewable energy heating systems and to share their experiences of this with others involved and the wider community.

What you will get in return: A unique chance to get a FREE, whole-house retrofit assessment and the opportunity to discuss this in detail with the qualified assessor. You will also be given full information about the grants and loans available for upgrading your home and for renewable energy heating systems.

How will the houses be chosen? Udny Climate Action can fund five whole house assessments and we hope to include a range of house types and locations within the parish. Within these categories, houses will be chosen at random.

How can I apply? Email climate_action_admin@udny.org or phone George Allan on 01651 842402

This initiative is organised by Udny Climate Action.

Thanks to Aberdeenshire Council and Udny Community Trust for providing funding

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