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Data Protection Policy

Udny Climate Action Data Protection Policy


Udny Climate Action (UCA) is a subgroup of PUT Community SCIO (Scottish Charity SC045547). It retains a public identity separate from PUT. Members of the subgroup are referred to in this document as ‘the group’.

UCA takes its responsibility as an organisation working in and for the community of Udny seriously. This includes how we deal with any personal data that we collect and process.

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, individuals have rights over the control and use of their personal data. You can find out more about this from the Information Commissioner’s Office website: www.ico.org.uk

If an individual wants to find out what information UCA holds about them, they should email climate_action_admin@udny.org

If an individual is unhappy about how UCA deals with their personal data, they have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Why UCA holds personal information?

  • Contract. This applies to staff, members of the group who are bound by its policies, individuals with whom UCA enters into contracts and volunteers with volunteer agreements.
  • Consent. This applies mainly when UCA takes photographs in which people can be individually identified. It would not, though, apply at public events where it would be reasonable to expect that photographs would be taken (by others as well as by UCA).
  • Legitimate interest of the organisation. This applies when UCA needs to process personal data for its legitimate interests. UCA will only use people’s data in ways they would reasonably expect, and which a have minimal privacy impact. Examples include individuals a) who have asked UCA to be kept informed of developments or provided with information b) who have provided UCA with personal data and whom it might reasonable be assumed want to be kept informed of developments or provided with information.

What personal data do we collect?

The data UCA collects is primarily limited to text such as names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

UCA may take and store photographs of individuals but only with their permission.

With whom does UCA share personal data?

UCA does not share personal information with parties outwith the group and the PUT Committee without the consent of the individual concerned. UCA only publishes photographs with the permission of the subjects of those photographs.

How does UCA protect personal information ?

Personal information is managed by a member of the group. It is stored on a password-protected computer and/or locked filing cabinet. Your personal data is transferred by paper or via a password-protected computer.

How long does UCA keep personal information?

UCA only keeps personal information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined above (see para entitled- Why UCA holds personal information?).

How can individuals alter the information UCA holds or restrict the processing of personal data for specific purposes?

Individuals can ask UCA to

  • change their communication preferences.
  • correct their personal data if they believe it is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • delete their personal data.
  • access personal data UCA holds about them through a ‘subject access request’.

June 2021