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Actions for Cop26

While its now time for governments to really deliver, local and individual actions make a difference and demonstrate to politicians that we want change. We will publish here what people in Udny are up to.

Local resident (G.M.)

-Eat less meat-based meals (at least 4 vegetarian meals per week)

-Use car for shopping and pleasure outings only once a week, or share my journeys

-Reduce heating to 20 degrees, and wear more clothes to keep warm

-Switch off electrical goods ‘on standby’

-Recycle as much as possible, plastic bottles, foil containers, cartons, paper, clothing and shoes

-Waste less food

-Use up food stored in freezer/fridge before shoppingContinue composting waste vegetables for garden containers

Pitmedden resident (G.A.)-

-Biting the bullet and installing a domestic heat pump.

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